It's Sickening How Comforting the Privacy of the Mind Can Be

Can You Find the Me in Here?

This Little Girl
13 January 1981
I am a mommy of two very beautiful little girls. I'm also a hardcore geek, especially when it comes to RPGs. I spend too much time on my computer or playing video games. I work in customer service, and surprisingly I don't think that customers suck (at least, not as a general rule!)

This is my life, if you don't like it please don't come here. I normally just write about my kids and my life but I do have the occassional emotionally-charged rant. I'm also very wary of strangers, especially strangers on the Internet.

Feel free to check out my art-only journal millbridge_art. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do much with it lately, as I no longer have a copy of Adobe Photoshop on my computer. I have yet to find any image editing software that even comes close to the power and ease of use, but I'm open to suggestions. Or a free copy of Photoshop.

"Of all the rooms I've loved before, it's you I love inside this room."
I'm also married to one of the most wonderful guys in the world.