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Origins 2011 - Totally Awesome!

We arrived on Wednesday this year, got into our hotel shortly before 2. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza this year, which ended up being an excellent decision. After checking in, I went straight into volunteering for security. Walked around the convention with Ben (I'd played Are You a Werewolf with him in previous years, but never really interacted with him), spent a lot of time just chatting it up with strangers and otherwise being security without actually doing anything.

After getting conscripted into an extra hour of moving walls for the art show, I grabbed some tacos with Nick from the food court. Then Ross, Heather, and I went to a LARP - Blind Date - where I got to be a totally innocent schoolgirl in among a bunch of drug deals and pimps. Fun! The game ran a lot like the sorts of things we do around here, although not quite as awesome.

I moderated and played some Are You a Werewolf, although there wasn't much that was particularly eventful the first day. Or at least, nothing that I'm remembering off the top of my head.

Thursday I woke up with plenty of time to get to my first game - didn't have to be there until 1. It was my only Call of Cthulhu game of the con - Son of the Shadow King. The plot was very interesting but I didn't really feel like the characters had the chance to make any meaningful choices, we were just sort of moved through from one pre-arranged event to the next. That said, it was still lots of fun. And it was one of three games that I got to play with Matthew, so that was cool.

After dinner (more tacos in the food court!), Matthew and I played in my first of two Dread games. This is the last year the folks that always run Dread with be doing so, and all of the scenarios were billed as their respective GM's "signature" events. Dead City started with a group of six PCs that suddenly found themselves the only living things in a Manhattan-like island city. It was intense and nearly made me cry at one point. Definitely the high point of my convention.

More Werewolf, some sleep, and then volunteering for security in the middle of the night. This time I worked with Kyle, sitting around guarding the stuff that had been dropped off for the silent auction. Then more sleep! (I also spent a few hours talking to Parker - at least, I'm pretty sure that was Thursday night...)

Friday started out with Westward on the San Juan Express, a Deadlands game using the Savage Worlds system. The scenario was really interesting and the characters were great. My only issue was that the GM spent a lot of time calling for notice rolls when he could have just told us what he wanted our characters to see. This seemed to bother Matthew a lot more than it bothered me...

I was getting a little tired, so I decided to skip my next game (Delta Green) and instead got some food and hung out for a bit with Heather and Nick. While we were sitting around talking some little girls came by trying to get people together for an epic game of Morton's List. I decided against all better judgement to go play this silliness with little kids, which is how I ended up being on the winning team of the tournament they were running. And it was lots of fun. I still don't care what you naysayers have to say!

More Werewolf. Volunteering overnight. Talking to drunk people. And sleep.

I decided to skip my Saturday game of Unknown Armies in favor of more Nick time... We met up with Cory (my little con brother!) and Ben for ice cream, then went over to the Indie Games on Demand room. Nick ended up running Fiasco for a full table, so instead I played The Tales of the Fisherman's Wife with a few other GoD folks. Super-interesting little indie game, I would have never played it without Nick's intervention so I'm glad I skipped UA after all.

I went back for my last volunteer shift, worked part of it, and then was asked to come back later to help out because they were short-staffed on the overnight shifts. So instead I met back up with Nick and got some food, then went and took a nap. Got back up in time to play another game of Werewolf, then back to volunteering.

I finished out the night with a few truly-epic games of Werewolf (if I get the energy up I'll have to tell those stories) and then got a few more hours of sleep.

Sunday morning, after a hasty packing job, I actually got to spend an hour in the dealer's room! Bought a card game that I think Madeline will be able to play, and then ended up talking to the guy who runs Rogue Cthulhu for a while.

My last game of the con was another Dread game, this one Passages with Adam and Stacie. I definitely enjoyed the game, but it didn't seem like Dread was the right system for the scenario. I liked the GM a lot, and I especially liked my character.

Amusing side note - I was a girl in every single game I played this year. Even when we were short female characters, I made sure I played a female. So unlike me!!

We left the convention center as soon as I was done with my last game. It's weird being home, I miss all the mobs of people and talking to strangers about what a dork I am and just being a dork in general... :)


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Jun. 30th, 2011 05:31 pm (UTC)
I miss it all too.
I hope we can have as much fun next year.

Hopefully we can do Gencon, too, even. *crosses fingers*
Nov. 3rd, 2011 02:15 am (UTC)
Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!

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