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Jun. 29th, 2010

I'm home, I'm rested, I'm back to work. Need to definitely get a recap of things down for posterity's sake.


The trip out was completely uneventful and everything went as planned. :)

I spent most of the day volunteering. This year I was working event registration, which meant actually handling money and computers. (Last year, I worked GM registration which was a lot of folders and lists and signing things and not a lot of actual work, and so I ended up just spending a lot of time doing data entry when event tickets were turned in.) I also spent all of Wendesday sitting next to a girl who, we learned near the end of the day, I briefly went to high school with. Turns out she was a freshman at Thomas Jefferson when I was a sophomore, and she was (and still is, thanks to the power of Facebook) friends with Wendy Davis!

I did manage to play a few games of Are You a Werewolf later that night. My first game of the con, in fact, I was a wolf, and I had everyone convinced that I was completely safe - except that the seer decided to check me. Oh well.


Started off the convention with a bit of a *BANG* - literally - playing a superheroes game called With Great Power that I've seen Nick enjoy greatly in years past. I don't understand why Nick doesn't own this game! The guy who wrote the system GM'd it. He's also the same guy who ran Ganakgagok for me as a pick-up game last year. I need to remember this for next year - anything that either Michael or Kat Miller run is something I want to play!

The rest of Thursday was a bit of a wash, though. Next up was the Mary Celeste LARP. After running around the con in circles, I managed to find the game about 5 minutes late... only to discover that 3 other people had shown up, but the game needed a minimum of 7 to run. :( At least I got my money back, and instead spent some time cruising the dealer's hall.

Last up for the day was Delta Green game that would have been awesome, except for the fact that it was the continuation of story from previous years. Fifth part of an ongoing story, in fact. Each one was a stand-alone event, but it was hard jumping in to a brand new character when a few of the people in the group had already played their characters from the beginning. It also doesn't help that I go into any modern game like this at a handicap because I know absolutely nothing about military stuff, and even less about guns. But for its flaws, I still very much enjoyed the story and felt like I contributed.

Matthew let me crash for a few hours in his room, so I got a nap while people were finishing up games. Played some more Werewolf, although about half of the time I ended up flirting with Tony and not so much paying attention to the game.


Woke up bright and early for Prawn (and ended up still being late thanks to a broken stem on my glasses, but that's a seperate issue and totally uninteresting.) For those of you who don't know, Prawn is a LARP played in a swimming pool. In our specific scenario, we were fish in a pet store. Unfortunately, due to hotel rules, we didn't get to play with any of the cool Prawn props. Turnout was pretty low. But it was still oodles of fun just to jump around energetically in swimming pool for a while. :)

Next up was my first game with Rogue Cthulhu. In past years I've always been impressed by Marx Stead and yet for some reason this year it seemed like he just didn't quite have his shit together. The scenario was good, the ideas were solid, but a few frustrations with NPCs and some in-party fighting derailed us a bit near the end. Screw the TPK - Matthew and I ended up going for the TWK - yes, that's total WORLD kill. We managed to open a gateway directly to hell that had been sealed off for 60+ years. Out of spite. And disbelief. I would have enjoyed it more, though, had it not been for an overly-Christian psychic PC that just hit my nerves the wrong way. That is, hit the nerves of Amber, not the character I was playing. I know, I shouldn't get bothered by that sort of stuff, but the Jesus-this and God-that really bothers me. Maybe because I just wasn't expecting it. ::shrug::

My last RPG for the day was Dread: Henchmen. Solid game mechanics, solid scenario, amazing GM. I was blown away. These guys are going to be seeing me more at future Origins events. I can only hope that Adam plans to do justice to the Dread mechanics, otherwise I might have to start running my own games in the meantime.

I spent the next few hours dancing my ass off. Club Carcosa is a staple of my Origins experience - the "rave" LARP run by Rogue Cthulhu. This year looked to be one of the best turn-outs I've seen, and there were a lot of new characters for people to play around with. Also nice were the additions of a professional DJ and a cash bar. I opted out of playing a character and instead spent a good amount of time getting drunk and stupid. :) Stuck around until the DJ played his last song, in fact, and then hung around a little longer talking with the aforementioned Mr. Stead about how much fun it had been.


I had no intention of sleeping, so I went back to playing more Are You a Werewolf. That lasted a few hours, until people started breaking off to get ready for volunteering at 7am. I followed Jaime back to his hotel to steal buffet breakfast, and Peter decided to join us. The three of us ended up hanging out together until my 9am game.

I should have probably skipped it. Something about breakfast and no sleep and being a bit hungover was not sitting well in my belly, and I spent the morning alternating sick and asleep. Rod Wiesinger is one of my favorite GMs, though, so I stuck it out and tried as hard as I could to get through. Next year, though, no 9am games in the Rogue Cthulhu room! Umbagog was an interesting scenario, but there were a few solid flaws that would have kept me from fully enjoying it even if I'd been feeling better.

Saturday afternoon saw me finishing up my volunteering hours. I'd managed to slip in a few hours on Thursday and Friday, so I didn't need the full 8 hours to finish out my total of 16. Which worked out just fine - there was almost no one looking to sign up for events on the last night of the con. I spent some time sleeping on the floor while Nick and Cheyenne got to hang out with THE Jason Morningstar.

Last up was another LARP with Rogue Cthulhu - The Space Between. We'd already been warned that the game wasn't quite in a playable state, so I will forgive the glaring problems with it. The idea was solid, it worked well as a LARP. We were various military and science folks on the maiden voyage of a faster-than-light ship that was pushed through and never properly tested. Nick and I could have seriously done better with this LARP. Also, tensions were running high among some of the players. Still, I had fun. Then again, any time I get to bawl hysterically in character is good times.


After getting a nice solid few hours of sleep, we got back to the con in time for Nick to play a pickup game with Ed. I decided I wasn't quite conscious enough to do anything justice, so instead I grabbed Cheyenne and a coffee, and then played a few more short rounds of Are You a Werewolf. It's amazing, by the way, how much quicker a 7-player game goes.

And then we went home.

The end. :)


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Jun. 30th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
I'll have to post my wrap tomorrow. I've been working at the Dread game a little tonight since you left, and I hope I'm up to the job of running it well- I feel like I have a good grasp of the system, I just hope I can execute it well. You had the same Dread GM I did, and living up to his standard is going to be tough.
Jun. 30th, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)
LARP in a swimming pool! I like it!
Jun. 30th, 2010 06:45 pm (UTC)
"I was a wolf, and I had everyone convinced that I was completely safe - except that the seer decided to check me. Oh well."

I had the same experience, except the seer also was totally convinced. But she checked me just to be sure, dabnabbit.
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